Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to Sum Total Acquisition Costs

How to Sum Total Acquisition Costs

Use the find feature to locate and isolate groups of records. You need some way to identity records as a group so an example might be to right click in the Medium field and choose Find Matching Records for Mixed Media. That will find and display only records with Mixed Media in that field. 

Once you have the group of records you want isolated you will need to export the Cost field to find the total acquisition cost since we don't currently have a report that reports on cost. Just Value. 

To do that:

1. Go to File/Export Records.

2. Select the file type. If you choose Excel you can use that to calc the total cost

3. Set the Dropdown on the left to Current Table (MyArt) and Choose Cost to move to the right. 

4. Click Export.

5. Open in Excel and calc total. 

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