Monday, February 3, 2014

Saving a report as PDF OSX

How to Save My Art Collection Files as a PDF using OSX.

Q:  How can I share my database with images?  Can I import the images into Excel?  What is the relationship between My Art Collection and FileMaker?

Our product was built using FileMaker as the engine. We use software that lets us build applications using FileMaker as the engine to our product. Filemaker is a database platform like Mac and Windows are platforms. We designed and built our product in-house and it is what you actually interact with. Filemaker just runs the back end. Assuming you have a license for My Art Collection Professional, it will let you create multiple files for managing multiple collections so you are set there. 

As for exporting to Excel, FileMaker does not let you export images to an Excel file, only text. The only file format that you can export text to with FileMaker is another FileMaker file. 

The best way to share the data with images is to use one of the reports in our program and then save it as a PDF. With OSX you can do that when you select print. There is an option to save as a PDF. 

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