Friday, February 21, 2014

How To bulk delete records.

To bulk delete records you can use the Find Feature in combination with, Records/Omit Multiple and Records/Delete Found Records feature. 

To do what you need...

Please Back up your MyArt.MA2 data file first. 

1. Unsort your art list if it is sorted. For instance, if you imported 4000 good records on top of 4000 bad ones, the good ones will be after the bad ones. Unsorting them will place them in the order of entry with the good after the bad.

2. If the first 4000 records out of 8000 records need to be removed then go to Records/Omit Multiple.

3. Type in the number or records to omit. In this example, use 4000. We are going to first omit the Bad then show them to isolate the bad ones. 

4. Now out of 8000 records, the first 4000 are now hidden. 

5. To show the first 4000 go to Records/Show Omitted.

6.  Now the good are hidden and the bad are showing.  Go to Records/Delete Found records to delete the bad ones. That will leave you with the records that are good. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Selecting your Time and Date Settings

Selecting your Time and Date Settings

Q; "Incidentally, whenever I open MyArtCollection, I always get a window asking me what date and time settings I want.  Whichever option I choose, nothing seems to happen. What is this for?"

The below was written for a client. This solved the date time issue. 


1. Launch My Art Collection.

2. Go to File/Save a Copy as and save a copy of the MyArt.MA2 data file as a Type: Clone(no records) to your desktop. Name it "MyArt.MA2"

2. Go To Back Up and Save to Back Up.

3. Quit My Art Collection

4. Drag and Drop the cloned MyArt.MA2 file on your desktop into the My Art Collection application folder and choose replace.

5. Open My Art Collection.

6. Accept the blank License Agreement.


7. A dialog will appear asking if you'd like to import your data, choose Cancel.

8. Go to Back Up/Import from Back Up

9. Your data will be imported.

10. Reset the columns by clicking and choosing which data to see the empty space next to each down arrow. 

This should solve your problem. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Batch Load Images

How to Batch Load Images

To batch load images, go to File/Batch Import a Folder of Images.  Select the folder of images you wish to import. A new record will be created for each image. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Saving a report as PDF OSX

How to Save My Art Collection Files as a PDF using OSX.

Q:  How can I share my database with images?  Can I import the images into Excel?  What is the relationship between My Art Collection and FileMaker?

Our product was built using FileMaker as the engine. We use software that lets us build applications using FileMaker as the engine to our product. Filemaker is a database platform like Mac and Windows are platforms. We designed and built our product in-house and it is what you actually interact with. Filemaker just runs the back end. Assuming you have a license for My Art Collection Professional, it will let you create multiple files for managing multiple collections so you are set there. 

As for exporting to Excel, FileMaker does not let you export images to an Excel file, only text. The only file format that you can export text to with FileMaker is another FileMaker file. 

The best way to share the data with images is to use one of the reports in our program and then save it as a PDF. With OSX you can do that when you select print. There is an option to save as a PDF. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to Sum Total Acquisition Costs

How to Sum Total Acquisition Costs

Use the find feature to locate and isolate groups of records. You need some way to identity records as a group so an example might be to right click in the Medium field and choose Find Matching Records for Mixed Media. That will find and display only records with Mixed Media in that field. 

Once you have the group of records you want isolated you will need to export the Cost field to find the total acquisition cost since we don't currently have a report that reports on cost. Just Value. 

To do that:

1. Go to File/Export Records.

2. Select the file type. If you choose Excel you can use that to calc the total cost

3. Set the Dropdown on the left to Current Table (MyArt) and Choose Cost to move to the right. 

4. Click Export.

5. Open in Excel and calc total. 

Unable to Export as XLS

Use the File/Export Records command.

1. go to File/Export Records.

2. Select the file type.

3. Set the Dropdown on the left to be Current Table (MyArt)  and Choose fields to move to the right. to be in your excel file.  

4. Click export.

5. Open exported file in Excel.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Upgrading from one version of My Art Collection 2.0 to another.

Upgrading from one version of My Art Collection 2.0 to another.

There are three versions of My Art Collection from which to choose.  You may want to upgrade from one to the other. 

On the My Art Collection version from which you are upgrading:

● Launch the version of My Art Collection from which you are upgrading.
● Go to File/Save a Copy As and save a copy of the MyArt.MA2 data file to your desktop. (Name the MyArt.MA2 data file MyArt_TodaysDate.MA2 or something else unique.

New My Art Collection Version:

● Install My Art Collection 2.0  (Adv or Professional)
● Launch My Art Collection 2.0  (Adv or Professional)
● Go to File/Import from My Art Collection 2.0
● When prompted locate the file MyArt_TodaysDate.MA2 on the Desktop.
● Choose to Add Records.
● The data will be imported.